#FiveSentenceFiction: Maps #Valleys #Normandy #Eu #1914

William and MatildeWe look at the map: in front of us runs the long road, above the shore, bordered by legendary harbours, and wildlife reserves.

Here Saint Laurent O’Toole came from green Ireland, and blessed the town where he now rests.

Here William took his future young bride, fair Mathilde, to the altar, and then, with his men, sailed across the sea to defeat Harold.

In the middle of the forest is the town, built by Gallo Romans traders and soldiers, for, in this country, there is no gap between the splendour of Rome and the new kingdom, between Caesar and Guillaume.

In the wide bay, flows the river Somme: the map shows on its banks the small crosses of the immense military cemeteries, where our grand fathers fell in infernos of fire and steel…

Image: memorial to William and his wife Mathilde, in Eu (Normandy)

© 2014 Honoré Dupuis

#FiveSentenceFiction: Secure

Mexico CityI was in gangland, a terrifying quagmire of narrow streets, pretend beggars, and sinister characters lurking at every corner.

The bag I was carrying had enough dope in it to get me killed, and I was scared, more so than at any time in my miserable life of pusher.

They appeared from nowhere, three big thugs with hand guns: I was done, and as I was about to hand over my bag, expecting my end was nigh, I saw them.

They were two of them, in T-shirts and shorts, in any other circumstances I would have said: a sexy pair, but the submachine guns they carried were for real.

“Hands up everyone, nice and calm!” the girls said, adding unnecessarily: “Policia Federales” – I sighed, feeling secure at last.

#FiveSentenceFiction: Fearless

Carpenter ant (from Wikipedia)

Image: © Muhammad Mahdi Karim, www.micro2macro.net

The small creature stood still, as frozen in time, as the landscape around her shook in convulsions.

Far, far away in her ancestral memories, buried deep in her cells, she knew: the great meteorite, the explosions that killed the giants, leaving huge craters on the surface of Gaia.

She, and her species, knew the value of sacrifice: they too had enemies, but for them the survival of the species was the only goal.

Around her the megatons rained, killing off the remnants of mankind, and the follies of man.

Gaia would wake again, cleansed of the parasites, the polluters, the usurpers, the greedy assassins, and the small ant would resume her never-ending work.


#VisDare 71: Ephemera



I have haunted these corridors for as long as my memories reach: a long way back…

Yet, as clear as stream waters in the mountains, I recall the day: your smile, the wind in your hair, all that united us, before we parted.

The world was young, we were innocent. Little we knew what was awaiting us.

The long hours, then the separation. So far, so cold, this war went on forever.

And then you were gone.

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