Frozen #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt   “I know where we are, we walked this path many times. Was it yesterday? It was summer still, and yet you see: today the ground is hard frozen, how can this be? ” “My love, you are confused. We’ve travelled a long time, this place is not that you recognise, weContinue reading “Frozen #writephoto”

In the Pale Light of Winter #fivewords

Weekly Writing Prompt #175 charcoal, shade, pale, wake, lucid The rain fell, almost silent, but she could hear the little stream, outside, through the open window. She called the instant the lucid wake: those minutes before the first signs of the pale dawn. Then, everything is clear, the events of the past days in sharpContinue reading “In the Pale Light of Winter #fivewords”

Turning #writephoto

Turning   Yesterday… We walked in this valley, under the burning sun, hand in hand, believing in the eternal summer. Yesterday, perhaps, more than you, my love, I longed for Autumn, and the fall of leaves. Did I believe Time had stopped? Did I believe Earth was flat, after all? Or was I inebriated, drunkContinue reading “Turning #writephoto”