#FiveSentenceFiction: Whisper

You lie supine, naked, the image of confidence, of peace. Yet we know the fire, the incandescent light, under the veil. We know the perfection, the miracle of time and patience, the perpetual discovery. So I listen, attentive, tense, admiring, my gaze on your lips, waiting. It’s a whisper, and for me, your lover, it’s … Continue reading #FiveSentenceFiction: Whisper

Hazy morning, favourite dream…


Naked on your sheets, take yourself in hand

Rub yourself slowly, gently if you can

Work yourself harder, think of me and groan

Grip, squeeze and smile, Whisper my name and moan

Lay back and shiver, cover yourself in cream

Close your eyes and think of me, your favourite little dream

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