#AtoZChallenge: April 4, 2013 ~ Dolomites

Dolomites ~ Dolomiti ~ Dolomiten  The Dolomites are an alpine mountain range of North-Eastern Italy, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009.  It is said that part of the Dolomites are the last genuine wilderness left in Western Europe.  The North-Western part of the range lies in the autonomous province of Bolzano-South Tirol, itself … Continue reading #AtoZChallenge: April 4, 2013 ~ Dolomites

#WritersWednesday: September 5 – Julian’s summer: Mother and Son

   He admired Sarah for her resilience, her ability to work long hours, to keep a clear mind, to  be the long haul woman she was. Travelling made him broody: strange dreams came to him at night, projects he never worked on, women he had never met, but yet look familiar to him, men who … Continue reading #WritersWednesday: September 5 – Julian’s summer: Mother and Son


The time of the year when maps come out: Legend names smile at us… Sassongher, Sella, Peitler, Langkofel, Corvara, La Val… We look, enchanted, eternity looks back, Shall we meet the Eagle this Summer? Our boots will touch those rocks, Our hands will meet, There, on that cliff, we met ecstasy, more than once… On … Continue reading Dolomiti