One Lovely Blog Award: Thank You @olbigjim

I am almost embarrassed, but deeply happy, to have been nominated for this award by my friend and wonderful blogger and traveller Jim Wright. Following on from @AshNFinn’s nomination earlier today, I can only say: I am really deeply grateful to you both.

I am not conceited enough – smiling suavely – for talking again about myself, but this gives me the opportunity to recommend fifteen more marvellous blogs, and their owners:

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Hesitating before the Void

I am furiously editing the first chapter of The Page, which introduces the main character, Julian. At this point – as bad writers (used to) say – I am committed to post this here, and I am scared. Same feeling as hanging from the cliff and looking at the sky, and then away and down to the valley below. So here comes the nightmare: my loyal followers and comment writers stay silent, and I contemplate destroying it all… or spending my dying days in the garden taking snapshots of creepy-crawlies… Yet I will do it, it will not be tweeted that this guy is a… you know… not what he looks like in his picture… How painful  can this get?


I follow Rachel, she’s of good advice, also very good reviews and interviews.

Something else to think about …

I recently wrote a few blog posts to help some of the people that I had met on forums to get to grips with Twitter. I said from the start that I am no expert, but over the last ten weeks or so since I launched Only the Innocent I have learned a lot more about Twitter which I’ve tried to share with other indie publishers.  I got some great feedback to the earlier posts, and some very interesting comments –  which have cast a slightly different light on things.

I have concluded (and am happy to be disagreed with) that as authors, we have to wear three hats.

  1. The writer
  2. The ‘brand’
  3. The salesman

In terms of Twitter, these are almost mutually exclusive.

The Writer

The writer in all of us wants to do just that – to write. If we spend all…

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