Tempted #Sunshine #Rehberge

From the cheeky crew…   A ray of sunshine, a reflection on the fresh snow: it is so tempting to think of the new year, and of Spring! Yet we are in winter, souls are hiding from the cold winds behind long coats and wooden scarves, the days are short. Only the ducks appear toContinue reading “Tempted #Sunshine #Rehberge”

#WritersWednesday: Helga holds the #Pen

 My name is Helga, sometimes spelt “Elga”, for reasons that I leave to the Reader to discover. I am a medical doctor, exactly a specialist in mental health, and one of the most ambiguous characters in this strange piece of writing titled “The Page”. There, I appear in turn as an alien creature, leading aContinue reading “#WritersWednesday: Helga holds the #Pen”