Prelude to #AtoZAprilChallenge: Abstraction

Abstraction  He loved writing stories. The best time he had was at the local library, that imposing building guarded by stone lions, when, after finishing his school work, he could start on a tale of his own, inventing, finding new heros, often inspired by his reading of one of the classics. Often, his teacher warned him about being too abstract in his essays. He thought: what is Abstraction?  So he wrote an essay on the subject. The main hero was his teacher, the villain a bad witch called Abstraction. The essay grew.

Years later, when he was in Sweden to receive the prize, a journalist asked him: what motivated you to write your first book?

Aw, he said, a word called Abstraction. A headline read, the following day:

Literature Nobel Prize Winner Blames Abstraction”