Cascade #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt   I listen to the sound of the cascade, and to the birds and other creatures, deep in the woods. Time flows, as if diluted in the icy waters of the stream. Is it an illusion? Or the harsh reality of our impermanence? Will I remember this instant, on the other side, … Continue reading Cascade #writephoto

Along the stream #fivewords

Weekly Writing Challenge #140   She could tell from his footsteps, along the stream. There he'd stopped, listening to the water, and to the birds. He may even have spotted a kingfisher. At a slow pace she followed his journey, up to the cliff. There, she knew, the show was over.

Green #writephoto

Inspired by Sue Vincent's Thursday Photo prompt  She filled her lungs with the fresh, pure air of the forest. At her feet the little stream flowed, silent, mirroring the foliage of the trees and the clear sky. The entrances of the tunnels were surrounded by lush vegetation. Her feet were in the water, a delightful feeling, … Continue reading Green #writephoto