Storm #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt   It’s lonely up here, one doesn’t meet humans too often, mostly the locals are ravens and rabbits and moles, and the occasional eagle. But I like it, this is my place, where I dream, and remember. There are sweet memories, and also dark and stormy ones. Yes, there is a stormContinue reading “Storm #writephoto”

Simmer #thedailypost #100words

Simmer Below the surface of calm water the next storm is brewing. What it will be, how violent and destructive, no-one knows, nor how far it will reach, nor when it will be unleashed. So we, mere mortals, the next victims, continue to tread, blind and deaf, accepting our fate, carrying our sins, pretending allContinue reading “Simmer #thedailypost #100words”

Calm before the storm – Weekly Writing Prompt #91

Inspired by the Secret Keeper’s writing prompt, Monday, May 29th   The warm wind is blowing little clouds of fluffy seeds, the air is still, Higher up in the sky we see the spirals of complexity, a world of uncontrollable danger: No aerosol ban can change the fact, Our species is slowly vanishing…