#FiveSentenceFiction: Home

Safe She walks slowly down the wide staircase, the morning sunlight shimmers on the stones of the hall down in front of her.

The house is quiet, luminous, the air is cool, a soft light wind comes through the open front door, outside the sky is a deep blue above the hills.

She now stands under the porch, the young woman working in the garden notices her, waves, smiles and blows a kiss: she’s suddenly aware of a presence behind her.

She turns her head as he seizes both her hands, pulling her gently against him, she senses his strength under the incredibly light touch, as she falls in his arms, in awe, she remembers last night: her scarred naked body shivering, exhausted, the warmth she had felt, lying between them two, brother and sister, protecting her.

Her lips open she yields to his hold, her face upturned, as he says in his deep melodious voice: “You’re home my darling, there is nothing to fear anymore.”