Against Evil

"And the hard part is that she knows better, knows that beneath the high-cap scumscapes created by the corporate order and celebrated in the media, there are depths where petty fraud becomes grave and often deadly sin." ~ Thomas Pynchon, Bleeding Edge  For the past twenty years, that’s the time we have been sheltering in … Continue reading Against Evil

Cryptonomicon: Das Messer sitzt mir an der Kehle…

 ...The knife is at my throat... As Günter Bischoff, the best U-Boat skipper of the Kriegsmarine, lies dying, in 1945, in the hull of his submarine, off the shore of Manilla, he reflects on what could have been: "...It was a nice conspiracy while it lasted..." Cryptonomicon, published in 1999, is Neal Stephenson's second triumphal novel, … Continue reading Cryptonomicon: Das Messer sitzt mir an der Kehle…

#AtoZChallenge: April 14 – M is for Masculus

masculus, mascula, masculum: male/masculine, proper to males; manly/virile Reflecting on male characters… What influences us now in the development of a character? For a fiction writer the credibility of a character is important is it not? At least for the sort of fiction this writer fancies doing: fantastic maybe, but still anchored in real life. … Continue reading #AtoZChallenge: April 14 – M is for Masculus

The Page

Chapters One and Two are out! I'm grateful for comments from readers and writers... This is "work in progress", an unfinished novel which is still evolving, with characters running away, doing their own things! The virtual locations, Berlin and then the "Mindless Island" are in Metaverses (respectively Twinity, renamed Tarsus, and SL) but also, in … Continue reading The Page

#AtoZChallenge: April 9 – H is for hacker

April 9: Hacker “It is by poking about inside current technology that hackers get ideas for the next generation. No thanks, intellectual homeowners may say, we don’t need any outside help. But they’re wrong. The next generation of computer technology has often—perhaps more often than not—been developed by outsiders.” – Paul Graham continue