Destination #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt   You are now so close: and you know I am waiting. The certainty to find me, at the end of this road, your destination. You know, all that time I have been waiting, since the day, that day, when you left. Many pages I wrote since then. Many books I read.Continue reading “Destination #writephoto”

Ascent #writephoto

Ascent   Inside was a blissful, cool darkness. As we stepped in, and the heavy door closed behind us without a sound, we admired the immaculate spiral staircase, and wondered. How long would we have to wait, and, perhaps, how far would we have to climb, before meeting the master of the house? It wasContinue reading “Ascent #writephoto”

#FiveSentenceFiction: Détour

The declining sunlight casts long shadows on the meadows, trees and rocks magically elongated over the sensual curves of the valley. The little cross is hidden from view, not far from our path, but few walkers know it is there. It’s almost our secret, a tiny haven nestled at the foot of the magic mountain,Continue reading “#FiveSentenceFiction: Détour”