#WritersWednesday: August 1st

Yukio Mishima, the last Samurai

 He was one of the most gifted and original writers of his generation, straddling western modernity and, at the same time, rooted in the heroic traditions of his country, Japan. His death, following the samurai ritual of the seppuku, confirmed his uniqueness, in what he saw as an age of cowardice and pretence. Dying by his sword may have been his finest hour.

Kimitake Hiraoka – the author Yukio Mishima –  was born on January 14, 1925, in the Yotsuya district of Tokyo. He was listed three times for the Nobel prize for literature. He wrote forty novels, and works of poetry, plays and Noh and Kabuki dramas. He was also an actor and directed one film. A fluent English writer and speaker, his interviews can be found here. His last work, The Sea of Fertility tetralogy, was described by Paul Theroux as “the most complete vision that we have of Japan in the twentieth century.”