This feeling of emptiness is new to me. Helena is now collared, in a scene I have rewritten three times, and am still not totally happy with. Such is a writer’s fate. I enjoyed the story – not sure anyone else will, is they get a chance to read it that is – but I know I can still do much better with those characters. It’s 10k long, possibly a touch too long given the minimalist plot. There will be a follow up, whatever the fate of this first episode, I am just too attached to those people not to do it. Funny thing is, after finishing off the manuscript this morning and compiling it – thank you Scrivener – I’ve found lots of pics that would make up a nice illustrated version (dare I?) Well, another project maybe. But where does all this leave the novel? I am not too worried, it’s been a good break, and now I have new ideas for that little bunch too! I am a lucky fellow don’t you think?

#AtoZChallenge: April 30 – Z is for (a writer’s) Zeal

 On May 7 I hope to do justice to the subject – facts and feelings about the A to Z Challenge for April – but since this is the last post (as a matter of writing?) It is tempting to finish this challenge in this way.

Of course the A to Z is a challenge, and one that boosts a writer’s creativity and zeal. In this case this has prompted me to write, at the very beginning, an alphabetically ordered (as ever a nerd) list of all the words that invoked something. Only in two or three cases did I feel later compelled to change the original choice, pushed by circumstances, or inspired by reading, some news, or a sentence heard on the street. Inspiration may come from so many strange and unexpected sources! Indeed after a week I found this exercise of late evening writing, and early morning editing, taking a momentum of its own.

But why isn’t it as easy – or at least as comfortable, if this is the word, no, “natural” is closer to it, surely? Why isn’t it as natural to work on the novel? This is the crunch: April has been the month of the challenge, but also the month when I had to admit that a rethink was overdue, after months of toil. In this way, the A to Z has depleted this writer’s zeal as well: it is in part responsible for the decision – ahhh! – to restart with somewhat new premises – fleetingly tempted to write “paradigm”, you fool… – a heartbreaking one for any writer, aspiring or confirmed.

The challenge is not to be blamed solely for that decision: comments received, sometime from people very dear to me 😦 – have contributed, as well as what I would like to think of as “aspiring writer’s fatigue”. A strange feeling that, and one I might blog about in the near future… What am I going to do now the challenge is over?

St. Augustine writing, revising, and re-writin...
St. Augustine writing, revising, and re-writing: Sandro Botticelli's St. Augustine in His Cell (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At long last…

Publishing this blog… if this is not “work in progress” what is?! Hope you enjoy the excerpts, if not I am in trouble… Most of my time is spent on Scrivener but I promise to update this as the journey continues. I am grateful for my followers and fellow writers, please browse the blogroll.