Devious #VisDare 128

It's a long story, a kind of one hundred years war, that cannot be won, and yet we keep on fighting... You were already there, in the old class room, in the heart of winter, as our teacher was telling us about the Middle Ages, and, about you, the ever present, maleficent fallen angel. You … Continue reading Devious #VisDare 128

#DailyPrompt: Greetings, Stranger (ou la Beauté du Diable)

Greetings... I recognise him straightaway, even before he spoke. This time it was not the pretty woman, but a handsome man, the latin, middle-aged type, careful haircut, immaculate shirt, evidently educated and well dressed. His French was impeccable. He smile when he heard my name. I was determined to play along, for a little while. … Continue reading #DailyPrompt: Greetings, Stranger (ou la Beauté du Diable)