#WritersWednesday: September 5 – Julian’s summer: Mother and Son

   He admired Sarah for her resilience, her ability to work long hours, to keep a clear mind, to  be the long haul woman she was. Travelling made him broody: strange dreams came to him at night, projects he never worked on, women he had never met, but yet look familiar to him, men who … Continue reading #WritersWednesday: September 5 – Julian’s summer: Mother and Son

#BlogMeMaybe: May 3 – May I tell you something about someone else? Daphnée and Sarah

 I want to tell you today about two people I care very much for. I have known them for a while, indeed, they are close friends. You may have met them already there. Writing this makes be smile. But I’ll let one of them, Daphnée, tell you, herself, how she met the other. So it … Continue reading #BlogMeMaybe: May 3 – May I tell you something about someone else? Daphnée and Sarah

The Page

Chapters One and Two are out! I'm grateful for comments from readers and writers... This is "work in progress", an unfinished novel which is still evolving, with characters running away, doing their own things! The virtual locations, Berlin and then the "Mindless Island" are in Metaverses (respectively Twinity, renamed Tarsus, and SL) but also, in … Continue reading The Page


In the following days he was entirely absorbed in his work. The new project occupied his mind totally. He had suppliers to meet, staff to brief, some new technologies to explore and get practical knowledge of. His was busy. His staff adored him when he was in that mood: enthusiastic but ready to pause and … Continue reading Expectations


                  Off world he reflected on his findings, shared some with Sarah. She was dismissive: he had far better things to do. Yes I do he replied, but this is a source of new ideas for me: you know I need innovations don’t you? She smiled, half buying this excuse... (continue...) … Continue reading Searching

The Page

At home a medical check determined he had to undertake surgery. He felt ill. A long wait was starting. Yet he had plenty to do, a business to run, projects to oversee, the occasional technical challenge, papers, spreadsheets... What he wanted was to be back in the valley, feeling the rocks under his boots, breathing … Continue reading The Page