Watchers #writephoto

Today's photo prompt   The fortress once stood here, and trees and brambles have long invaded the deep ancient ditches. Battles were fought in this land, in times when enemies had to face each other, times of violence and courage, times of faith. The ruined mighty walls once protected the inhabitants, but no-one can today … Continue reading Watchers #writephoto

#FiveSentenceFiction: Memories #Wupatki National Monument #NativeAmerican

We stood, silent, our eyes fixed on the painted desert: then you talked to me in the tongue of your ancestors, it was suddenly as if we were transported in time. Children played on the circular ball ground, parents laughed, you spoke with them. I saw the house, as it was then, in its splendour, … Continue reading #FiveSentenceFiction: Memories #Wupatki National Monument #NativeAmerican