You #IWD2017

  You haunt my dreams, you haunt these pages, and the places where I once was, and the ones I haven't seen yet, indispensable, sometime smiling, sometime not, as if you wanted me to know when I keep to the path of truthfulness, and when I don't. In a crowd you always find me, and, … Continue reading You #IWD2017

#BlogMeMaybe: May 23 – May I ask something about you?

On #WW I have been asking myself questions about human relationships and attraction. How people meet, become friends, lovers, mortal enemies or simply good neighbours, has always fascinated me. It seems important too for our characters, if we are fiction writers. But what about you? What attracts you in other people? Do you sometimes think, … Continue reading #BlogMeMaybe: May 23 – May I ask something about you?