#FiveSentenceFiction: Doors

In front of the doorOn the threshold, in front of the massive gate, she hesitated: the fort would be booby-trapped, perhaps even ready to crumble on top of any intruder.

But then she remembered what the prisoner had said to them: it was only the third door which was trapped, after that, no-one knew other than the enemy.

She pushed the heavy panel, which moved slowly without sound, and stepped into the entrance.

Her boots felt the paved floor: there was no light, and no sound but her breathing and the beating of her heart; a ray of pale sunshine reflected on the wall in front of her: she’d left the small panel open behind her.

She only had a fraction of a second to flatten herself on the cold floor, as the second door opened and machine gunfire flooded the entrance: the prisoner had lied, and now she would have to die fighting – but she knew how to.

#WritersWednesday: Melissa

The Page Her character is haunting me: she is at once an inspiration and a jailor, for I cannot escape her. Gorgeous said from the start I had cut the story too close to home, and this was well before the plot took shape, and her character became “real”. But what can I do? For a start I cannot kill her, even if I found the strength, for she is immortal. The people around her are protecting her too, they have adopted her in ways that are now beyond, far beyond my control. Besides I could not face Julian if I meant any harm to Melissa, and that, readers, would be fatal.

The way our characters carve their existence out of our past, our experience, our dreams, the people we met, or loved, is a constant wonder. That I have become the prisoner of this story, which drags me away from other endeavours, and keeps me awake in the night, surrounded by silent shadows, is at once a discovery and a mystery. How did this happen? How did I let it happen? And why is Melissa dictating the direction the story is taking? Where did she draw her powers from?