Disagree #DailyPost #WritersWednesday

Inspired by today’s prompt   “It’s me you’re babbling about, isn’t it?” she said, on a tone of voice that betrayed her mounting anger. I kept silent, no point in denying: the computer screen clearly showing the latest entry on her story was there, in front of us. At this point she was arguing with herContinue reading “Disagree #DailyPost #WritersWednesday”

Unfinished #DailyPost

We have got so far, much is still to be done. We have to go further, down the quiet streets, and the wide avenues, through the small parks, along the canals… There, somewhere, we’ll find ourselves, the meaning of us, the ultimate ecstasy. Till then, it’s unfinished business, work in progress, the novel unfinished. TillContinue reading “Unfinished #DailyPost”

Dilemma #DailyPost

  So, this is the deal: you stay, and then, here is your place, or you go, and good luck to you. But, you insist, the deal is reversible: if you want me, you have to convince me to stay, or I go. And so, we go on, late into the night, do you wantContinue reading “Dilemma #DailyPost”

Nightmare #TheDailyPost

Not sure how to participate?   You haunt our nights, not the you, seductive, smooth, sexy, not the one we meet in full daylight, but the one whom we cannot name. We see you in the shadow, beyond those trenches, beyond the cloud of blood and murder: for you are the Enemy, armed and pitiless, the one we,Continue reading “Nightmare #TheDailyPost”

Guest #TheDailyPost

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.   I cannot recall when you came. Probably long ago. Probably in one of those moments of sadness, of pain, perhaps of love. You stayed. You shaped my thoughts, my feelings. Nothing has been the same since. “The same”? Do I mean, before I knew?Continue reading “Guest #TheDailyPost”

Island #TheDailyPost #BerlinDiary, July 3

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.   We are ready, almost. A lot to pack, a lot still to plan. Will it be Wedding, or Schöneberg, or Tempelhof? The search will continue for the next few months. But now we have a foothold! So, soon, we will be leaving this littleContinue reading “Island #TheDailyPost #BerlinDiary, July 3”

Burn #TheDailyPost

Inspiration We shall burn the old days, the boredom, the struggle; we shall forget the rain; we shall find new dust. We will live again, as if, we still had life to spare… We know we must cease the instant, before the City becomes like all the others, before she forgets her soul… Fall willContinue reading “Burn #TheDailyPost”

Water #TheDailyPost

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt. From the Wassertor, the watergate, we walked slowly, hand in hand, along the bank of the old canal, and reached the Engelbecken, the angels’s lake. You looked at the sky, then at me: I understood, no need for word. Sunlight vibrated through the little fountains, antic roses shone onContinue reading “Water #TheDailyPost”

Voyage #TheDailyPost

Not sure how to participate? The deed is done, my dear, so there is nothing to hold us back: we shall return to the City, among the youth, and the ghosts, and the walls full of memories. We will walk along the canal, remembering Rosa, and the heroes of the revolution, we will walk alongContinue reading “Voyage #TheDailyPost”

Companion #TheDailyPost

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.   You follow me everywhere, awake, on the long walks through the valleys, and the lazy summer evenings, at night, in the deep, dark dreams of lost kingdoms and evil wizards… You know my tastes, and you know how to ensure I know yours, thisContinue reading “Companion #TheDailyPost”