Morning poetish thoughts and paint

A place to rest…

Expressions of my life - An evolution of art.


What heart yonder, falls
so gently in this field.
Soft as Lilly petals and
sweet as jasmine
On the vine.

Such gentle curves give
The soul a place to rest
The mind a place to race
And the heart a home all it’s own

With the voice of an angel
Does she call my name from
The night sky.
Scribed by stars with auroras
robe to warm her silken wings.

How can one smile
One gentle touch
Give the heart
Such murmur and rested peace



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Daily Prompt: Opposite Day

If you normally write non-fiction, post a photo. If you normally post images, write fiction. If you normally write fiction, write a poem. If you normally write poetry, draw a picture.

Opposite In your eyes I see the fire, and I,

must keep my soul steady and cold

for your judgement I fear

as much as I seek your presence

and you may enjoy mine…

The opposite we are,

as the walls of the Roman stadium are

to the bright steel and glass buildings

of our cities…

Yet the river flows and

I cannot detach my mind

from the dream…

Is it yours?


Very Inspiring!

InspiringI am grateful to Gemini (January 18) and Ol’Big Jim (January 30) for nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I must say to be nominated twice in a month by two very talented friends must be more than I deserve… Gemini (@geminiswords) is indeed a source of inspiration for many of us, writing poetry in a genre where the internal soul matters so much: her posts are a pleasure to read, and I fully approve of Joseph‘s (@JMcNamara4) nominating Gemini – he is of course one of the few masters of the genre…

Ol’ Big Jim (@olbigjim) is a published author and a pillar of strength in supporting his rich and varied community. I owe to Jim – who is far more experienced than me in many respects – for introducing me to the enchanted world of blogging awards, and in so doing to a wealth of great writers and bloggers.

My obligations under the award’s rules are:

  • Display the award logo on your blog
  • Link back to the person who nominated you
  • State 7 things about yourself
  • Nominate 15 bloggers for this award and link to them
  • Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.

Seven things?

  1. This writer in learning is a slow reader
  2. I start editing, changing, fiddling as soon as anything new is written
  3. Sometimes I lose work as I forget to back up when writing non-stop
  4. Characters I create talk to me, awake or asleep, they are very obtrusive
  5. The “tale of intimacy and loss” is progressing in a very irregular manner, some weeks being very productive (and inspired!) and other times just a waste of effort
  6. The “creative” experiment so far consists of four blogs: Glass & Paper (writing and short fiction), Photos, The Magnum Opus, “politics” and travel, and more pictures.
  7. There is also a (not so) secret page for special stories…

15 bloggers?

Monica (@momilp) is a published author and artist, I just love her work:

The Queen of Query (@holliequeener) is a poet and truly inspiring blogger:

Beth (@missb1331) writes beautiful poems at

Ash (@AshNFinn) is a lovely lovely writer, blogger and friend:

Bobby Madigan (@BobbyMadigan) keeps a truly inspiring blog, he’s a disabled veteran and family man:

Hank (@HANKarcher) writes serious poetry and more:

Scott (@poetscott) inspires us from the deep: (poetry and art)

Mirabella (@una_tentazione) is… more than excellent!

David (@TooFullToWrite) is a magnificent blogger and writer ~ with a wonderful sense of humour!

Audrey (@Audrey_E_King) is a published writer and hails from the Writing Closet

Miss Juliesse (@MissJuliesWorld) calls herself a “professional dilettante” ~ and is very talented as you can check for yourself:

Please follow the many Adventures of Emily (@emilykazakh) at Wanderlust

Susan (@susan_daniels) writes the most inspiring poetry:

Chris (@ChrisGNguyen) writes beautifully and posts amazing pictures at

John (@Toltecjohn) runs the most inspiring poetry from reality blog at


#TellMeAboutYourself ~ an Award

tellme_award Gracious and talented Katherine Hopkins, who hails from the KD Defehr poetry and photography blog (btw is the actual photography blog at, has nominated this sinner for the Tell Me About Yourself Award, which made me blush no end through my January suntan… Thank you Katherine: you are an angel and a very promising young woman, who wrote: “However, I’ve found that one other thing, beside my mind’s indecency, is for absolute certain. With a pen in my hand (or my fingers on a keyboard) I am at peace. When I’m in that zone and I’m writing, the places that I feel with my heart and think with my mind suddenly join and they become one. Suddenly, I’m free and I’m safe and I’m so filled with excitement by the possibilities of what I could create with this new found sense of power and enlightenment. The words surge through me and they become stories, images and messages. They become my voice and they fill my body until, all at once, I’m not just another sad and confused teenager. I’m an artist, and I can do anything with my talent if I allow it to guide me. I can be anyone and do anything through the words that I write and the characters that I create… because they’re mine.” How beautiful is that? Btw don’t miss Katherine’s funny pics: well worth a visit!

I wish to thank also Green Cheata (at without whom none of this would have happened! Do visit the blogs of those talented people readers! Green Cheata picks up a poetry pen on Tuesdays and Thursdays: please note…

I admit not to have done my research on this award, so I am following Katherine blindly! Now, as you probably know if you have paid more than one or two visits to these pages, I am horribly shy talking about myself, and end up talking about my work! So here we go again ;-P

  1. Confession: I am desperately in love with two women: one is my (real) wife, Gorgeous, and the other, well, is the main character of my novel in making, Melissa of the Page fame… As a matter of fact both are present in these pages, somewhere!
  2. My third love is the mountains, and particularly the Dolomiti Alps, in Northern Italy.
  3. I write almost every day, but this writing is dispersed – small bits, big chunks of the main work, all depends on inspiration… and those characters.
  4. Julian, my significant male character is – I swear – not me! Paul (of Arrakis fame) might be, in some weird way.
  5. I train, or run, three times a week, and try to run 5k once a week, with 10k thrown in in Summer. I admire Haruki who runs a marathon before b’fast!
  6. In various posts of this blog I have written about reading – I even have a page on the subject, thinking about it! – at the moment I am reading Justin Cronin’s “The Passage“, which I find fascinating. In parallel I am reading Ray Monk’s biography of J. Robert Oppenheimer “Inside The Centre” (more about both in future posts…)
  7. Rest of the time I fiddle with my loyal Nikon (see

Nominations: new friends, old friends, a mix…

  1. Benjamin at, a beautiful art and poetry blog
  2. Rumpy Dog at
  3. The Clown on Fire at
  4. Girl on the Contrary: unforgettable!
  5. Steven Watkins at
  6. Layla at
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