Without reasons…

  He must’ve known those people, sometime, some year, in the distant past. But whose past? The voices sounded far away, in a language he thought he should remember, the faces in semi darkness, when he knew that – somewhere – it was already daylight (but he could not be completely sure). At last heContinue reading “Without reasons…”


Henry Miller had written about his city, and Francis Lenôtre too had known happy days in his birthplace. The street was calm, a few children were playing near the school, a familiar sight. Francis closed the door, turned slowly round holding his light suitcase in a firm hand. The metro station was ten minutes walkContinue reading “Departure”

Au Luxembourg #5Words

Weekly Writing Prompt #96     She appears lost in thoughts, Perhaps about the poor poet, He who immortalised her… We do not know where She now lies, in peace. Here, the card says “Laure”, But he knew her as Laura, So that there is a doubt, As to whether she was the one Who inspiredContinue reading “Au Luxembourg #5Words”

#WritersWednesday: Blank Page, a reflection on Gustave #Flaubert

I read that Gustave Flaubert thought the “Communeux” – the revolutionaries who fought the losing battle of the Paris Commune in 1871, and got massacred – had wanted to “return to the Middle Ages”. Yet he was a discerning writer and observer of the French society… This prompted some musing on the role of writers in our troubledContinue reading “#WritersWednesday: Blank Page, a reflection on Gustave #Flaubert”

Weird Paris: Saints and Sinners

Originally posted on Paris: People, Places and Bling:
Whilst traipsing through the Jardin des Tuileries, watch-out for “Le Petit Homme Rouge” (“Spring” by sculptor François Barois, Photographs by Theadora Brack) Now, let’s go raise some spirits! (La Nuit, T. Brack’s archives) By Theadora Brack Calling all saints and sinners: Snuggle tight because it is time…

#FiveSentenceFiction: Confusion (for Pâris)

As ever, she was pleased to see him, and could sense how much her visit meant to him. She delighted in the stories he was telling her, followed the spell of his voice, watching his lips intently: she knew of her power over him, and she knew how much she was at his mercy, without him knowing.Continue reading “#FiveSentenceFiction: Confusion (for Pâris)”