Passage #writephoto

Thursday Photo Prompt – Passage #writephoto




From the depth we emerge to the light, hesitant, expecting,

Your hand holds mine: we never thought it would be like this.

We hear faint voices, are those of angels?

We no longer feel the cold, a strange peace invades our souls:

Are we now in Paradise?

#FiveSentenceFiction: Paradise

To Susan

Daria Bagrintseva His dedication to his work is exemplary, and he is admired by colleagues and friends.

But in the depth of his heart he hides a wonderful secret, a secret always present, as he works through the day.

Only he – and the one who shares his life – know the secret: it is their shared treasure, the magic link between them when he is away.

She has the key, and she knows, every evening he will be there, at their door…

For she is the guardian, collared, fragile, her white skin like snow in Spring, her lips so red, waiting to open for him the door of Paradise.

Image: Daria Bagrintseva