No change, just pain #fivewords

Weekly Writing Challenge #137 The Devil really has few tricks in his bag: so there is no change, just levels of pain, another turn of the screw, in full view of the world… But something is on the move: an army of Archangels? Image: Archangels in St Ailbe’s Church, Emly. From left to right: Gabriel, Michael,Continue reading “No change, just pain #fivewords”

A quiet spirit #fivewords

Inspired by the Secret Keeper’s weekly writing prompt#108   He kept seeing himself, in his youth, through dreams that did not have the shape of memories, in a role of a quiet spirit, an observer of his past life. Only near dawn, did the spirit at last morphed into himself, an old man lying inContinue reading “A quiet spirit #fivewords”

Pain #WritersWednesday #fifty

Immobile, his thoughts a long, grey meandering: pain boosts his melancholy – a writer’s block in reverse… For there is much new to express, and so many ways to exercise style! For sitting is now a torture, slow and methodical, preventing art for art, but still imagining  horizons ready for discovery. Image: Chapel of SaintContinue reading “Pain #WritersWednesday #fifty”

#BlogMeMaybe: May 8 – May I tell you something about myself?

Crash In “On Writing”, which is also a concentrated story of his life, Stephen King describes how, while on a walk, he was run over and nearly killed  by a mad driver. I too brushed with death in a car accident, some twenty years ago. And it was my fault: a brief loss of attention,Continue reading “#BlogMeMaybe: May 8 – May I tell you something about myself?”