Footprints #writephoto

Footprints   We love the long walks, along the shore, the closeness of the sea, the flying birds, the wet land and the immense skies. I watch your steps, the wind blowing your hair, I see you as one with the earth, the waves, the clouds. I know we will be tired at the endContinue reading “Footprints #writephoto”

Signs You Might Be An Angel

¬† I am paraphrasing @CreativeNoodlin¬† who paraphrased someone else (see here). Angels have fascinated me from childhood, and later, I got a bit of a fix on them. So, maybe, you would like to consider those signs: 1 – Both men and women are attracted to you, at first sight 2 – You are notContinue reading “Signs You Might Be An Angel”