#FiveSentenceFiction: Whisper

Felix MasYou lie supine, naked, the image of confidence, of peace.

Yet we know the fire, the incandescent light, under the veil.

We know the perfection, the miracle of time and patience, the perpetual discovery.

So I listen, attentive, tense, admiring, my gaze on your lips, waiting.

It’s a whisper, and for me, your lover, it’s a call I cannot resist.

Image: Felix Mas


 This feeling of emptiness is new to me. Helena is now collared, in a scene I have rewritten three times, and am still not totally happy with. Such is a writer’s fate. I enjoyed the story – not sure anyone else will, is they get a chance to read it that is – but I know I can still do much better with those characters. It’s 10k long, possibly a touch too long given the minimalist plot. There will be a follow up, whatever the fate of this first episode, I am just too attached to those people not to do it. Funny thing is, after finishing off the manuscript this morning and compiling it – thank you Scrivener – I’ve found lots of pics that would make up a nice illustrated version (dare I?) Well, another project maybe. But where does all this leave the novel? I am not too worried, it’s been a good break, and now I have new ideas for that little bunch too! I am a lucky fellow don’t you think?