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I recall the first time I saw You, as through a thin veil of time, a vision of peace, a quiet voice behind which one sensed a deep strength. In the tumult, the chaos that then was, You were reassuring, a calm presence that was not all human, and yet without threat, somehow in and out of this world, an ancient Being who knew all about us, the like of us, in our misery.

Ever since, You appeared when this frail soul was lost, every time an inspiration for hope, for wisdom, for courage. Although I did not, still do not understand, it was plain to see that You knew everything, the small lies, the cowardice, the fear that haunt us. So that there is nothing to hide, and to take the high road ahead, we only have to listen, and to obey.

Image: Deutsche Post stamp, 1979 : Johannes Faust avec Homunculus, Méphistophélès. scanned by NobbiP, Domaine public, Lien

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I followed the path, to the West, and toward the expanse of water visible on the horizon. The distance was deceptive, the path rose slowly, and, after a few hours walk, it became evident that I would not get to the shore much before sunset. The vegetation was sparse, and did not offer much shelter for the night. I tried to imagine what predators might roam those hills.

After another hour walking through coarse grass and bushes, I made it to the top of a small promontory, high above the sea. The sun was sinking fast on the horizon. It is then that I saw the bird: a wide-spanned eagle, I thought, almost immobile in the golden sunlight, expertly using the air currents to glide, observing, perhaps listening.

Although I was not alone, as the apparition of the eagle showed, I felt a deep loneliness: where was the rest of mankind? Was I still the person who had boarded that aircraft, not that long ago, together with her holiday mates? How long could I keep walking in this wilderness, without apparent hunger?

The view from the promontory was breathtaking, the colours almost surreal: I knew something was very different, in this world, from where I came from. Or was it me who had changed, in ways I could not begin to understand…

#WritersWednesday: A Nice Man

Knight It was his soft manners, his unaffected kindness, that seduced her.

Then there was the calm voice, the deep blue eyes, the warmth that emanated from him, even when she felt troubled, when she was ill.

Thinking about it, she was rarely ill now, since she had met him.

It is true that sometime he acted strangely, as when she’d lost some clothes over the balcony, that she could see hanging across the street, on a telephone wire, pushed by the wind. Somehow, as she wasn’t looking, he had retrieved them, although he denied it.

And so it was that she tried to find out more, where he came from – he said he was born in Palestine, who his parents were. He only said the name of his Mum: Maria.

Then, one day, as they were walking home, they were assaulted by a band of thugs, ugly and violent. She was afraid, she looked at him. He was so calm, smiling. And somehow, they looked at him, and ran away, as if they had seen the devil.

So she demanded to know. He agreed. He would take her to his birth place, to Nazareth.

In awe, it makes me think of what Arthur C Clarke once said about advanced science and magic…


Ian Hinchliffe, a theoretical physicist who heads Berkeley Lab’s sizable contingent with the ATLAS experiment at CERN, answers many of your questions about the Higgs boson. Ian invited viewers to send in questions about the Higgs via email, Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube in an “Ask a Scientist” video posted July 3:
CERN’s July 4 announcement that the ATLAS and CMS experiments at the Large Hadron Collider have discovered a particle “consistent with the Higgs boson” has raised questions about what scientists have found and what still remains to be found — and what it all means.

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