Ascent #writephoto

Ascent   Inside was a blissful, cool darkness. As we stepped in, and the heavy door closed behind us without a sound, we admired the immaculate spiral staircase, and wondered. How long would we have to wait, and, perhaps, how far would we have to climb, before meeting the master of the house? It wasContinue reading “Ascent #writephoto”

Reflections in a Mirror #WritersWednesday

  We retrace our steps, without intention, it just happens: suddenly we see ourselves, there at that terrace, one evening, or there, along those walls, pushing our bikes. It’s later at night, and the Neue Gallerie is not yet closed, we meet there, in a concert of bright lights and laughter. That was three yearsContinue reading “Reflections in a Mirror #WritersWednesday”

#BlogMeMaybe: May I tell you something about myself?

¬†Well, I had to do something! So here we go, thanks to Tracey… So this is Tuesday May 1, celebration of Labour in most countries, except of course in Britannia – you know, the old lady. And this is what I wanted to say, for today, about myself: as a mixture of tastes, yeah, amContinue reading “#BlogMeMaybe: May I tell you something about myself?”