Mirror #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt   Is this where I find you? Is it your resting place, where you found solace, at last? Is this your reflection, mirror of a soul forever lost to us? Have you now found peace, away from the terror of this world? Were you so impatient, or so desperate, to seek evasion, … Continue reading Mirror #writephoto

An extraordinary vision… and of course her reality is… in the attic: superb! In fact, flawless


She had a way with mirrors

She tamed them with one look.

No periwinkled gape emerging, unplanned, confusing,

No fairytale abasement of princess lost and found.

She knew the score, the path, and scaling

Was her day job, to step on meek cadavers, to pursue, victorious.

Each face thought out,

Lip drawn in cupid perfection

With dervish undertones.

Eyes framed with agate offerings,

The brow? A work of art, unfurrowed and unhurried.

Regrets are someone else’s,

A sleight of mind, eclipse of hands,

And back we are, unwrinkled,

To smooth-held opinions and shifting granular sands.

Meanwhile, the portrait in the attic

Waxed crueller by the year.

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