#FiveSentenceFiction: Medicine

 Back at her place Helena felt drained and lifeless: meeting Mistress G had been a challenge, and she was not sure she’d achieved what she wanted, win her Mistress’s trust.

It was hard for her to balance charm and submission, she was afraid of appearing to flirt, to attempt to seduce, instead of what she wanted, learn, mortify herself, seek humiliation without being degraded.

She knew the older woman would see through her, and despite the evident interest she had for her, would not forgive hypocrisy, nor false pretence.

Then she had to tell Sarah about her day – and night – at Mistress’s house: her partner was immensely tolerant, but equally would not take half truths for granted.

She walked slowly to the bathroom cabinet: there was solace for her tortured soul, and, hesitating a little, she picked up the small box that contained sleep for at least six hours, by then Sarah would be back, and she would be safe again, in the embrace of her lover.