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The streets are empty, and rain starts falling. Some windows are lit, high up the tall buildings. Fallen leaves fly in the wind. Slowly he begins to hear the voices of the city. He has so much to learn: the geography of those unknown spaces, where the wall once stood, the secret boundaries, what was once the East, what is still the West, the ancient churchyards, the parks, the statues.

He listens to the voices, far away. He walks, he writes, he speaks to her. She says: “you have to forget what you learnt: this is different, you are on the other side of a mirror, you have to start again, and you cannot guess…”

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Today a fine rain is settling over the City. Sounds are muted, passersby seek shelter, or hurry to finish their errands. I walk to the store, and as expected, find everything I am looking for.

Slowly I am blending in the greyness of this late autumn: looking around, I feel that, step by step, I am more and more like all the others: alien no more.

#BlogMeMaybe: May 14 – May I tell you something about writing?

A new character

RuthI know she’s there. I have met her, in that house, and she’s going to be crucial to the story when I succeed in restarting… A new character… how exciting, how weird it feels too. I stalled a month ago, and decided to have a break. It coincided with the end of the A to Z Challenge. Also everything is now different: writing is a perpetual search, a permanent renewal, at least this is the way I see it, live it. So, new plot, an added character, and some new locations. As my friend the great @KD_Rush says “Writer in Training”!

And it starts now… Watch this space!