Control #TheDailyPost #MaiFeierTag

Today’s Prompt, May 2, 2017 As we approach the well known street, the crowd gets denser, perhaps quieter too, as if listening to itself. There are many people here, young and old, in pairs or small groups. The air is crisp and the sky peppered with cotton-like clouds. Will it rain? People chat, laugh, stopContinue reading “Control #TheDailyPost #MaiFeierTag”

From Suburbia to the Centre, and back again #amwriting

Planning a move is exciting, and also threatening. So much can go awry, the unexpected lurks at every corner. We have inhabited this parcel of suburbia for a long time, longer than we originally thought, for sure. And, now, we are about to leave this bit of the funny island for  the city of Faust, rightContinue reading “From Suburbia to the Centre, and back again #amwriting”

Stroll #TheDailyPost

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt. I just dreamed about it, we were there, and on the first morning we walked in the park nearby. It’s exactly as we imagined – or remembered – a cool island in the middle of the city, early joggers, people taking in the fresh air,Continue reading “Stroll #TheDailyPost”

Weekly Writing Challenge: The Sound of Silence #writing

There are multiple ways of interacting with silence: purposefully leaving something unsaid, breaking the silence around a topic, or, quite simply, getting tongue-tied. For this week’s challenge, we want you to take the theme of silence and explore it in your own way. The studio is empty, but then it is not: you are everywhere,Continue reading “Weekly Writing Challenge: The Sound of Silence #writing”

In Berlin (in five sentences…)

I drove carefully along your highways, approaching your centre as one approaches a very beautiful woman, a little tensed, perhaps apprehensive at the thought of your contemptuous stare… How quiet were your tree-lined streets, how beautiful Viktoria park in the late Summer light, and how radiant your smile when you open your door, my adoredContinue reading “In Berlin (in five sentences…)”