#FiveSentenceFiction: Alone

Alone The place should be familiar, but without him, it is as strange as her solitude. She looks at the rugged landscape, the desolate ruins, and the massive tower, the alien sentinel. Alone, she would now face the Enemy, in her hands his swords, in her heart his courage, and her eternal love for him. How is it, she thought, that I am immortal and he was not? And she knows the answer: he was human, and she no longer is.

#FiveSentenceFiction: Human

Small boy Five moons, grey frozen rocks, no feet, merely a giant caterpillar…

What have I become, I who dreamed of Space, little boy full of fantasies?

Here’s the truth: Space is the Company, at the Frontier, mining, transformed, no longer a sentient being, but a machine.

The Company is good: at least I – the caterpillar – think so, otherwise what would I be doing here?

It is just a little lonely, here, on this rock, on my own, and sometime I feel I am missing something, someone?