Brandenburg and her capital: #longing

I dream of the city, as it was, long before Frederick, not the capital of  a respected and feared kingdom, with a formidable army, but the main settlement of a peaceful people, in the midst of lakes and thick forests, surrounded by wilderness.  Then came the long war, the uninterrupted banditry, the destructions, the killing … Continue reading Brandenburg and her capital: #longing

#BlogMeMaybe: May 22 – May I tell you something about myself?

The old daemon This post is dedicated to @JenVinci “What is the one thing you really wanna do that you keep telling yourself you shouldn't ? And what's really stopping you…?” Photograph from: the Lazy Motorbike site. Yes, I must tell you about this… One of the great passions of my youth! I dreamed about … Continue reading #BlogMeMaybe: May 22 – May I tell you something about myself?