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The fortress once stood here, and trees and brambles have long invaded the deep ancient ditches. Battles were fought in this land, in times when enemies had to face each other, times of violence and courage, times of faith. The ruined mighty walls once protected the inhabitants, but no-one can today hear their voices…

Unless, perhaps, one was to stay here, at dusk, when the crows come home, when the foxes prowl around the crumbling stones…

Inspired by Sue Vincent’s weekly prompt at

#FiveSentenceFiction: Whimsical

And consciousness comes out from the bowels of earth; its wet womb, with the fragile vessel of her thoughts in hand, ready to sail abroad… Cristina Francov, 2012

“We will build it here”, she said, her young face lit by her angelical smile.

He looked at the mountain, above, and below them: the sheer vertical rock, down to the lonely valley.

He looked at his lover, smiled: their fortress would be impregnable.

She took his hand, suddenly serious, taking him in, deep, with her eyes.

“Then,” she said, “we will wait for eternity.”