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Sunday’s Mini Saga Challenge #6   There are many worlds, but only a few we can see, and hold, as it were, like air balloons, in one hand. But we also see so many stars, through the night, beyond the clouds. So we wonder: why are we here, and are we alone? Such a beautiful mystery...

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Weekly Writing Prompt #120   Near the river, which was, back then, the divide, or near enough, the link between our lost past and  our uncertain future, we listened to her, teach us to go back in time, and learn from our mistakes.   Image: Time Warp, by Craig Sunter, from Manchester, UK

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The Prompt   In the dark corridor she could not see the enemy, only hear her breath: she would have to translate the faint sounds, guess at her position, the distance from her arm, the wrist that held the dagger. Her own move would decide, life or death, victory or defeat. Image: Dark Corridor

Weekly Writing Challenge: Fifty #DPChallenge #WritersWednesday

For this week’s challenge, you must write a fifty-word story. Not five thousand, not five hundred, but precisely fifty words. It looked familiar. That place I knew, without knowing its name. The river, the willow trees, the narrow path close to the water edge. Then I heard your voice, and I walked in your direction. … Continue reading Weekly Writing Challenge: Fifty #DPChallenge #WritersWednesday