I was there, and then I forgot

I knew how easily we can get diverted, from our objectives, our way of life, our loves. Further than that is brainwashing, when we end up forgetting our most cherished beliefs, perhaps even, for a few frightening seconds, our faith. Then comes the alarm, how could this happen, what am I becoming, and this means … Continue reading I was there, and then I forgot

Return #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt: Returning #writephotohttps://scvincent.com/2021/01/21/thursday-photo-prompt-returning-writephoto/ He said he would return, and only the faithful understood, and waited. The doubters, the jokers, the cheaters were so confident. They laughed, and mocked those prostrate and grieving souls, in the churches... Then, one bright morning, he was there, standing tall, guarded by a legion of angels. The faithful rose, … Continue reading Return #writephoto