Escape #fivewords

Weekly Writing Prompt #119



Startled, he  tried to escape

from the depth of the dream.

The loud shriek had been real,

but did he have any right

to jump in this grim reality?

After all, this was not his war

Soon, he would be back to sleep,

And his inner peace.


Image: Von yumikrum – fingal, CC BY 2.0,




Weekly Writing Prompt #94


On the map, the thin ruby line shows the road snakes its way from the center of the city – this immense space where children, and adults, play, and where the birds sing all day, all the way down south. We lose our way several times before reaching the city’s limits, and it does not matter, for this is a wonderful summer day. The trees are lush from the rain of the last shower, as we follow the trace of the old wall. We will take the escape route again, later, all the way to the old city.

Inspired by the Secret Keeper’s weekly writing challenge, June 19, and a Sunday ride on the Berlin-Leipzig long distance cycling route.