Hectic weeks in perspective… #amediting

Photographed by Frode & Marcus for Smug Magazine #6 Spring/Summer 2013. Well, my friend Tara is soon starting work on The Page book 1… In the meantime I am getting ready to rewrite, at the same time as making a start on book 2. There is already a lot of material there which needs editing – of course – and sorting. The tale continues in Berlin where the four protagonists have to chose their side of the fence. It is timely that book 1 was completed – well, first draft – as the German elections got on their way. In the Summer we admired the little posters in each town or city we travelled through from the Baltic coast to Weimar and Hessen where regional elections took place on Sunday. Mrs Merkel is an expert politician, a real head of government… But there is a drama in the background: that of a successful and powerful European country attempting to develop more democracy in the midst of a serious crisis…

What comes next on this saga of mine? The plot is beginning to make sense – after 35k! for this first draft before serious editing – and the second part will see the story spiralling into a conflict between absolute love and survival. Long evenings are in front of this writer in learning!… Most of the action in book 2 is in Paris, and of course, Berlin.

Still interested to hear from beta readers! Just sayin’…

Hesitating before the Void

I am furiously editing the first chapter of The Page, which introduces the main character, Julian. At this point – as bad writers (used to) say – I am committed to post this here, and I am scared. Same feeling as hanging from the cliff and looking at the sky, and then away and down to the valley below. So here comes the nightmare: my loyal followers and comment writers stay silent, and I contemplate destroying it all… or spending my dying days in the garden taking snapshots of creepy-crawlies… Yet I will do it, it will not be tweeted that this guy is a… you know… not what he looks like in his picture… How painful  can this get?