#Promptbox: Une Femme Est une Femme

His dreams often found him, on islands of darkness, trying to reach out, to long lost lovers, to his parents, and, to her, the elusive woman, the shimmering silhouette. Sometime, he woke up, lost, looking for some way to find, an old phone number, an address, a letter. In the paraphernalia of his sleep heContinue reading “#Promptbox: Une Femme Est une Femme”

#FiveSentenceFiction: Locked

The first time your fragile beauty enchanted him, beyond what he could imagine. Your hair, your thin body, those eyes, he marvelled at how nature could create such a jewel, and through the glass, the dream came alive, independent, obstinate. You haunted his nights, by day he walked the streets, your image overlaid on allContinue reading “#FiveSentenceFiction: Locked”

#Geometries: Schlafen

┬áSleep is one of the great pleasures of life: the one moment we surrender, safely, relax our body, release our pains, and if we sleep alongside a loved companion, the prelude to, or conclusion of, other pleasures. For us it is a ritual: I am ahead of you, our clocks being slightly out of perfectContinue reading “#Geometries: Schlafen”