#Writing space (Thursday’s Musings) #amwriting

The desk is littered:  photographs of the sublime Italian model he worships, another of himself in the Dolomites with two small children - now young adults - a postal card of Paul Klee's "The Saint of the inner Light", various requests for donations (well...) and more... And what about this new work? Stalling, wandering, disrupted … Continue reading #Writing space (Thursday’s Musings) #amwriting

#TellMeAboutYourself ~ an Award

 Gracious and talented Katherine Hopkins, who hails from the KD Defehr poetry and photography blog (btw is the actual photography blog at http://kristydefehr.wordpress.com/?), has nominated this sinner for the Tell Me About Yourself Award, which made me blush no end through my January suntan... Thank you Katherine: you are an angel and a very promising young … Continue reading #TellMeAboutYourself ~ an Award

#WritersWednesday: September 5 – Julian’s summer: Mother and Son

   He admired Sarah for her resilience, her ability to work long hours, to keep a clear mind, to  be the long haul woman she was. Travelling made him broody: strange dreams came to him at night, projects he never worked on, women he had never met, but yet look familiar to him, men who … Continue reading #WritersWednesday: September 5 – Julian’s summer: Mother and Son