Depleted #3TC

Three Things Challenge: PL19   uranium moss dancer It was getting late. Slowly the officer laid the photo on the table. "Do you recognise what those are?" she asked me with a smile. On the stage the one dancer started circling the pole. I looked down, and knew. "Hardened tank shells, probably depleted uranium. Fallujah?" … Continue reading Depleted #3TC

November retreat #WritersWednesday #amwriting

The place suited them, him, and his owl. The owl too loved the wilderness, the immense skies, the many creatures who inhabited the desert. They had their routine. Before their night visit to the mountain, he would dismantle his weapon, in total obscurity, a puerile exercise practised eons ago, in the academy. Then, slowly, his long … Continue reading November retreat #WritersWednesday #amwriting

#FiveSentenceFiction: Memories #Wupatki National Monument #NativeAmerican

We stood, silent, our eyes fixed on the painted desert: then you talked to me in the tongue of your ancestors, it was suddenly as if we were transported in time. Children played on the circular ball ground, parents laughed, you spoke with them. I saw the house, as it was then, in its splendour, … Continue reading #FiveSentenceFiction: Memories #Wupatki National Monument #NativeAmerican