Our hidden secret #writephoto

Hidden   The small stream is known to local children, and to the occasional wanderers. For us, I know, it has meaning, one of the places where our spirits shall meet, and remember the past. We once ran over those rocks, splashing each other, in the bright light of Spring. Then, we were happy, weContinue reading “Our hidden secret #writephoto”

Cracked #writephoto

Inspired by Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt     The ground was dry, it would be some days before rain fell again, perhaps longer. As we walked through the field we saw the small shell, among the debris of the last harvest: was it murder, theft or accident? You looked at me and said: “JustContinue reading “Cracked #writephoto”

Messenger #WritePhoto

Inspired by Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt   I know he will come, one day, or, better, one beautiful evening, a calm, unhurried flight punctuated, at dusk, by the black birds’ song, and, even, if I am lucky a nightingale’s. They know me, they know I admire them, and they keep looking down at thatContinue reading “Messenger #WritePhoto”

Weekly Writing Challenge: Golden Years

For this week’s writing challenge, we’re asking you to explore what age means to you. Is the the loss of youth, or the cultivation of wisdom? Do things get better as you grow older, or worse? There are many ways to interpret age, often depending on your relationship with the passing of time.  I hearContinue reading “Weekly Writing Challenge: Golden Years”