Clarity #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt



Once we walked along this shore, through these dunes, you and I, hand in hand, when the world was young.

Now, our children stand tall and strong, and they and their mates look just like us, as we were.

So you see, dear love, despite all the mistakes, sometime the doubts, we saw through our future with much clarity, as the waves told us we would, once, there, along this shore, long ago.

#VisDare 90: Clarity #WritersWednesday

ClarityWhen he woke up, there was light, diffused, the sort of light made of winter mornings, or perhaps the light after the fall: when broken things can no longer be mended.

So, he looked out of the window (or so he thought), a thin, metal framed construct, designed to keep him in, or perhaps, other things out.

Below him the road stretched, interrupted by a chasm, a blackhole of fog: how did he get there?

Then he remembered: the blast, the rain of melting steel, their column swallowed up by burning empty space: and, now, there were just the two of them, he, the human survivor, and the cyborg that saved his life… Below them, the hunt had started.