#BlogMeMaybe: May 28 – May I tell you something about writing?

Inspiration and images

I like your pics, they all look like you.” – Gorgeous

 Writing is for me a visual art: Inspiration comes from pictures, landscapes, flowers, a face seen in the street, or remembered from a far away memory, or from dreams. It may come from a painting, a shade under a tree, or the waves crashing on the shore… The way it translates is prose, mainly, a tale of beings and objects that mesh with the images. The closest analogy I can think of is cinema, but this is now so expensive to contemplate. Writing is the most “cost-effective” art, to speak the language of ineptitude and accountancy. Those images may, or not, speak to the reader.  “Best-sellers” speak to lots of people. And sometimes they are turned into films, for good reasons. The paintings on the ancient caves are all at once games, poems and great stories. They are also testimonies to our immortality as a species. Until some moron presses the button, that is.