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You raised your arms, the dove looks about to fly away. The world is at peace, your smile reassures all of us. The small flame vacillates, one short instant. The warm light plays in your hair. How we admire your face, the beautiful eyes that greet all of us.

For we are afraid, and seek your protection. The donkey looks at you, just to make sure you understood: your people need you.

#WritersWednesday, January 2, 2013: Back to Work!

Writing I can’t complain about 2012: writing progressed well after the summer vacation, and new ideas were in abundance. Editing was slow, and, as is usual, shorter pieces took time to mull over and eventually post! Building the platform is an important part of a “writer in learning”’s life… The characters have also evolved in the right direction, their relationships becoming clearer, and perhaps more distinctive too: but I know that there is something still missing in all three strands of work, and for the Page, this knowledge is not without frustration after three rewrites! So goes the inspiration.

Still this winter break was a complete write-off: not much work in three weeks! And I feel almost guilty for it, ignoring my lovely characters for so long… One of them, I won’t tell who just yet, is very cross. Her anger is understandable, being left in  a precarious position, as it were, between worlds. From this point onward the plot gets more hectic, so she should take it easy for now: what follows shortly won’t be restful!

And, yes, I have set myself some targets: finish the novel by end November 2013! It will be about 100k long in the final version. I still don’t know if this will be published at all, in any form, or just sit on the blog… Does it matter? I will then continue with the other pieces, long term stuff still immature. Peace. And Happy New Year to my readers and followers!

#TheSunshineAward! – so grateful to Tawn Krakowski a.k.a. @Alii_Wahine


 I am smitten! Talented and beautiful Tawn, of totallytawn fame, has nominated this humble blogger for The Sunshine Award! I would like to thank you Tawn for the nomination, and for the lovely bloggers I will visit as a result. I wish to say that I am blushing at being part of such company, a great honour.

Following the tradition I have to give some answers to eight questions – blushing more – and then nominate ten bloggers for the award…

What is your favorite Christmas/festive movie?

O dear! Like you I am not a fan of Christmas, and I am very selective on the films I watch, besides being partly allergic to TV – giggles in his beard. I am not certain this is “festive”, strictly, but it is one of the great films of the last century: so here goes – Michael Cimino’s The Deer Hunter.

What is your favorite flower?

 The yellow rose…

What is your favorite non-alcoholic beverage?

Sparkling water.

What is your passion?

My wife.

What is your favorite time of year?

Spring, the best season by far in old England where we live.

What is your favorite time of day?

Early morning, for me around 6 am at this time of year, a little later in the dark season, the hour of going for coffee!

What is your favorite physical activity?

Outside mountaineering holidays, cycling. I occasionally indulge in Tawn’s favourite one as well, when weather permits 😀

What is your favorite vacation?

The Italian Alps, and more precisely the province of Alto Adige/Bolzano (Bozen), and more precisely the Alta Badia valleys… This is for us a source of inspiration, of great exhaustion, and unlimited pleasures…

I think this covers the ten questions – as to the nominations, those are bloggers, writers, photographers I enjoy visiting time and again:

Jim Wright (@olbigjim) of the The Left Wright Brain

Emerald Barnes (@emeraldbarnes) at

Kelley (@Call_Me_Bookish) of Call Me Bookish

Angela Goff (@Angela_Goff) of Anonymous Legacy

Little Miss (@DirtyLittleW) of Dirty Little Whispers

Allie Jean (@AllieJeanDS) of Allie Jean

Diana Lee (@Diana605) of Life Through Blue Eyes

Erunno Alcarinollo (@Quenya101) of Quenya IOI

Jacquie (@fumanchucat) of 1emeraldcity

Shelley Lundquist (@letmemoveyou) of Let Me Move You

And, please, dear readers do visit Tawn’s marvellous blog and see the universe through her eyes!