Angel #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt   You raised your arms, the dove looks about to fly away. The world is at peace, your smile reassures all of us. The small flame vacillates, one short instant. The warm light plays in your hair. How we admire your face, the beautiful eyes that greet all of us. For weContinue reading “Angel #writephoto”

Setting, a Christmas tale #writephoto

Setting   It was the time in the evening, when, wherever I may be, whatever the season, I love to wander: when Sol prepares to set, that is when our small globe turns his face away from the star. This was perfect. When you reach my age, a clear sky at dusk, a small cloudContinue reading “Setting, a Christmas tale #writephoto”

Our Lady #fivewords

Weekly Writing Challenge #171   In the ancient church, on the medieval stones, he kneels. Alone, far above, a live star shines, cold as mystery. In the choir, the founders smile, bright egos. There is no plan, no heresy, merely the link, back, to our Lady. In silence he kneels… Picture: from Wer warContinue reading “Our Lady #fivewords”

Arch #writephoto

Arch   For centuries the great abbaye had stood, in its majesty and glory, in the peaceful landscape. It was then a centre of faith and science, where wise men worked, and kept the flame of civilisation burning. They were frugal, up in the frosty mornings before dawn, ploughing the fields and teaching the children;Continue reading “Arch #writephoto”

Of a lost character named D

On Reformation Day he reflected on the times, the church’s door in Wittenberg, the theses, the peasants revolts, the rivalries, the spies, and yet, the hopes. Lost in the pages were smaller stories: people’s own struggles, love, and death. How he associated D with those times is hard to tell. He had not thought thatContinue reading “Of a lost character named D”

#BlogMeMaybe: May 31 – May I tell you something about someone else?

Constantine ¬†For the last post in this series, I want to share with you a few facts about a remarkable man, and a historical being who has haunted me since my youth. He was the son of an officer in the praetorian guard of emperor Aurelian, and of a mother named, inevitably, in my mind,Continue reading “#BlogMeMaybe: May 31 – May I tell you something about someone else?”