#DailyPrompt: Third Rate Romance #WritersWednesday

Tell us your funniest relationship disaster story.



She was hot, not the provocative sort, but of the unmissable type. We observed each other for a while. The skies were low, the air cold. She wore sheepskin and high boots. I had a sense that she would take the initiative: she did.

Once in my studio she proved to be a quiet girl, but willing to tell her story.

But there was that oddity: eager to shed all her clothes, but for her boots. At first I thought it was a joke, but it somehow calmed me down.

I looked into her eyes. The light I saw was not of this world. I admit: I used force, the boots were now on the floor.

In a brief spark of light I saw the hooves, then “she” was gone.

Tricked again.

#VisDare 59: Moxie #Fifty


I know you don’t expect me yet, but I’ll be with you real fast…

And, you know, those jeans pull off easy, and those boots: I am already there, in your small studio, you, naked, me, naked, and the beast, in the street, happy…

Those boots are made for riding.