The End of the Challenge #AtoZChallenge #WritersWednesdays

The End of the Challenge  There is always an anticlimax at the end, like finishing the first reading of a beloved book.  But, somehow, one of the posts has given me an idea.  Doing research for the Challenge leads sometime to old friends, or friends one did not expect to have.  Thus I have metContinue reading “The End of the Challenge #AtoZChallenge #WritersWednesdays”

#WritersWednesdays: expectations, #amwriting

 Do we write to redesign all those actions that led to places we did not expect? Is our imagination of way of travelling back, and have our characters do what we did not dare? Looking at this the other way, from the viewpoint of the characters we create, what are their expectations, of us, ofContinue reading “#WritersWednesdays: expectations, #amwriting”

#FiveSentenceFiction: Inspire

To the outside world he is the image of success itself: a universally celebrated author, his books bestsellers many times over, a happy man who has everything… To his true friends, those who have known him for many years, he’s the mysterious adult who emerged from that troubled childhood he shared with them. To hisContinue reading “#FiveSentenceFiction: Inspire”