Ovation #DailyPrompt #BerlinerDom

Steps to Heaven



The notes spiral high to the far away dome, Luther looks down impassively from the vantage point of his stele. Hensel, Bartolini, Crüger, Praetorius, Bach… Concertos and chorals resonate deep in the baroque church: the audience, enthralled, pauses before the ovation.

A venue of legend, resurrected from the ruins, in the midst of the City, reborn to her splendour…

Inspired by the Dresdner Bläserweihnacht, Berliner Dom, 26. Dezember 2016

Berlin classical concerts 


Relax #DailyPrompt #Season’sGreetings

From the daily post crowd



I prefer the German verb: “entspannen”, as for me it evokes stretching on a hot mat, cool drinks in proximity, maybe the sound of little waves hitting the blond sand… Right now, I am relaxing, writing this nonsense, grey skies and +2 deg. C!

But it is Monday, and starting the week in a relaxed mood (!) is surely best. So, cool jazz in the background, nice posts to like, gifts to wrap up. Cool.

And, of course, herzliche Season’s Greetings to you, dear reader, whatever you chose to celebrate in this end of year 2016!

Image source: andBerlin