Teufelsberg, or, of the Vanity of Wars…

  The woods are silent, high above the hills a hawk observes the few walkers: we are aware of what we are treading on: a still intact Nazi building that resisted attempts at destroying it, on top layers after layers of rubbles from ruined homes and monuments destroyed by the war. We admire the views, the lakesContinue reading “Teufelsberg, or, of the Vanity of Wars…”

Vanish #DailyPost #Berlin-Spandauer Schifffahrtskanal

Along the canal…   It’s a nice relaxing walk, some three kilometres from our place, soon on the bank of the Spandau canal, formerly Hohenzollern canal, following the Mauerweg. A small cemetery lies there, it must have been, for years, in the no man’s land between West and East, and the graves are those of seniorContinue reading “Vanish #DailyPost #Berlin-Spandauer Schifffahrtskanal”

Mythical #DailyPost #FaustCity

Friday’s Prompt The clouds came with the giant moon, as if to hide us, humans, from the glare of its pitiless light. At the corner of our street workers rush home, to warmth, love and a well deserved rest. Friday night is for joy, dancing, the smiles of lovers, the hopes of poets, and, later,Continue reading “Mythical #DailyPost #FaustCity”

Base #DailyPost #amwriting

Today’s Prompt   Our place is hard to get to, but so cosy when one gets there! The word “Raum” is just right to qualify the space, the light, the feeling of freedom. And what a view! The tree-lined avenue, the park, the eagle high in the corner house (as a matter of fact, earlyContinue reading “Base #DailyPost #amwriting”

Copycat #DailyPrompt

Today’s #DailyPost   Today a fine rain is settling over the City. Sounds are muted, passersby seek shelter, or hurry to finish their errands. I walk to the store, and as expected, find everything I am looking for. Slowly I am blending in the greyness of this late autumn: looking around, I feel that, stepContinue reading “Copycat #DailyPrompt”

Waiting #DailyPost #Autumn

From the exquisite crew   We look out on the street, the scenery of everyday, ever changing, never fading. Autumn is there, palpable, in the leaves blown across the sidewalks, in the colours of the trees, in the chill in the air. Slowly, implacably, the city changes to its winter clothes. You and I areContinue reading “Waiting #DailyPost #Autumn”

Ostwind #Oktober #Berlin

After ten days in Brexland, now a country of much baffled confusion, but, for us, a land of many friends and memories, we took the road back home. Since September, the trees have changed colour, and a cool East wind blows through the wooded vales, across the lakes and through the busy streets. Berliners know how toContinue reading “Ostwind #Oktober #Berlin”

Unfinished #DailyPost

We have got so far, much is still to be done. We have to go further, down the quiet streets, and the wide avenues, through the small parks, along the canals… There, somewhere, we’ll find ourselves, the meaning of us, the ultimate ecstasy. Till then, it’s unfinished business, work in progress, the novel unfinished. TillContinue reading “Unfinished #DailyPost”

Dilemma #DailyPost

  So, this is the deal: you stay, and then, here is your place, or you go, and good luck to you. But, you insist, the deal is reversible: if you want me, you have to convince me to stay, or I go. And so, we go on, late into the night, do you wantContinue reading “Dilemma #DailyPost”

In Praise of Older Streets #BerlinDiary September 11

We love the cobbled streets, the antique gas lamps. The older city still resists the onslaught of developers and speculators, the “Gentrifizierung” brigade, and it has allies. Yesterday, cycling our way from the Alex to Kollwitzplatz, and the charms of Prenzlauer Berg, we admired the contrasts, the moving groups, the bon-chic-bon-genre façon Berlin. And weContinue reading “In Praise of Older Streets #BerlinDiary September 11”